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    Asia Great Consumer Fund

    Driven by rapid changes in levels of industrialization and urbanization, together with rising wages, population growth and favorable demographics, Asia is seeing the emergence of a new consumer class, whose greater disposable income and purchasing power is leading to a dramatic increase in consumption activities across the region.

    The Mirae Asset Asia Great Consumer Equity Fund aims to capture the wide-ranging investment opportunities presented by this trend. It does not focus solely on the consumer sector but seeks to invest across a broad range of sectors that will benefit from increased consumption.

  • FUND in focus
    Asia Sector Leader Fund

    The Mirae Asset Asia Sector Leader Equity Fund invests in high quality sector leading companies in the Asia ex Japan region. “Sector Leading” companies are defined as those that have leading positions in their respective sectors and are able to provide both stability and growth opportunities. These companies typically possess competitive advantages such as leading technologies, skills and brand recognition, and benefit from strong business models, solid balance sheets and competent management teams. The Fund takes an active, high conviction investment approach that is driven by fundamental, bottom-up research analysis. Naturally, alpha is achieved mainly through stock selection rather than top down asset allocation.

    The Fund takes a benchmark-agnostic, unconstrained approach to investing and its investment strategy is untethered to any particular market index, country or sector. Broad benchmarks often fail to adequately reflect rising local demand and sources of future growth in Asia, and sectors with high growth potential are underrepresented. Furthermore, a significant proportion of companies that have large weightings in broad benchmarks are export-focused and are not positioned to benefit from local, domestic demand that is driving growth within the Asian region.