Mirae Asset was founded in 1997 in the wake of the Asian currency crisis with a vision of and dedication to serving our clients, helping them build wealth for life. Today, we offer our clients a broad range of products ranging from Equities, Fixed Income, ETFs and Alternatives.

Flagship Traditional Equities and Fixed Income Offering


Sector Leader

Long-term high growth potential investment strategy by focusing on sector leading companies in fast growing economies

  • Asia Sector Leader
  • India Sector Leader
  • China Sector Leader
  • GEM Sector Leader
  • ASEAN Sector Leader

Great Consumer

Long-term sustainable investment theme based on mega trend of rising consumption in emerging markets

  • GEM Great Consumer
  • Global Great Consumer

Regional/Single Country

  • Asia Pacific Equity
  • Korea Equity

Fixed Income

Global and EM Fixed Income

Aims to achieve total returns while seeking capital preservation through global and EM bond markets

  • Global Emerging Opportunities

Multi Asset / Hedge Funds

We have extensive and proprietary quantitative models to provide our clients with stable returns within a managed level of risk.

  • Structured Products
  • Active Quant
  • Fund of Fund Strategies
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation